About Us

You want to know the tasks of constructing, repairing, or modernizing your elevators are in expert hands. The final results must be safe and functional above all else – but what about everything else? From the planning and design to the process and the customer service, when it comes to your elevators, you want a team of experienced professionals whose top priority is you.

Rethinking the Elevator Industry From the Ground Up

Owner and Managing Director Lonnie MacKenzie has 19 years of experience in the elevator industry. After working in the industry for several years, MacKenzie sought a change of pace and trained as a primary care paramedic. This has defined the manner he has built the business and treats his clients. Through his paramedic training, he noticed striking similarities between patient care and general professionalism. Inspired by his passion for helping people, he started his own company, applying many of the same philosophies to his business.

Today, the entire Abco team leads the elevator construction and repair industry with its customer-centric position and focus on honesty, innovation, and safety. Committed to growth, Lonnie MacKenzie and his team are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of their people, their business, and their clients. They live this commitment by fostering open communication, valuing employees and clients, and treating people and projects with respect.