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What You Need to Know When Considering Elevator Modernization

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of stepping onto an old, dingy elevator with flickering lights, dated interior,...

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Elevator Liability – You’re on the Hook for Elevator Safety

Any potential injury caused by a malfunctioning or unsafe elevator renders the elevator owner liable for a lawsuit...

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Worried About Elevator Safety? 4 Things You Need to Do

Everyone notices when the elevators are out of service. With so many factors contributing to an elevator’s function...

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Reduce Elevator Maintenance Costs With These 3 Insider Tips

“Call the elevator technician; the elevator’s stopped. Again.” This is possible an elevator owner’s worst nightmare: frequent stoppages...

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Does Your Elevator Service Company Offer These 5 Things?

Picture this: Your elevator has broken down, and your elevator service provider is a no-show. People are forced...

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Elevator Codes 101: How Owners and Contractors Navigate This Complex Landscape

Most passengers give little thought to the operation of elevators. The doors open, the passenger steps on, the...

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What We Offer


Our full range of maintenance services ensures the safe, smooth operation and longevity of your elevator units.

New Builds

Our knowledgeable staff provide tailored elevator installation in all building types customized to each client’s unique requirements.


Our team works collaboratively with yours to understand your specific goals. We plan and execute mechanical and aesthetic upgrades to all makes and models.


Our team carefully evaluate the needs of each project, provide expert recommendations, and discuss solutions specific to the unique challenges of your project.

“Abco is truly focused on their clients. Lonnie and his team are geared towards providing the best service possible, whether it is maintenance or a new-build, and they deliver in a professional, friendly, straightforward manner.” - Sean Hamelin, PCL Construction

“For 42 years, I've been involved ‎with apartment buildings and office buildings. First as a lawyer, then seller and volunteer property manager.

I've terminated several elevator contracts with the large national elevator companies. ‎I found there were problems. Phone calls that went to Ontario, slow response time, not being attentive to detail, lacking of cleanliness. Tenants were complaining. The elevator service had to be improved.

I replaced the large national companies with Abco. Abco's rates are more reasonable. They're a Regina family owned business. Their calls are local, fast response time. Their staff are friendly and personable. Their attention to detail, their cleanliness, their proactive approach ‎to anticipating and solving problems - have all impressed me.

With new buildings I'm starting to look after, I will now do the same. Put Abco in as soon as the five year contracts expire. They provide top rate service and their rates are the best in town. I strongly recommend them to all building owners and property managers.”

- Garry Oledzki, Property Director
“Abco has been great to work with as they look after our elevator at Harvest City Church. Service and response time have been consistently excellent. We would recommend their services to anyone.” - Ken Zerbin
“I have worked with Abco for a number of years and they are always professional, prompt and knowledgeable.” - Imo Ekong
“I have been working with Abco for many years and they consistently deliver professional, dependable and honest, solution based service. I highly recommend this company.” - Campbell Haliburton
“This company has a tremendous staff. They are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and genuine. With the combined management, technical, and industry knowledge, they had everything we needed to get the job done. I would recommend them to anyone.” - N Smith

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