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Need it, Want it, Must Have it – 3 Elevator Considerations

For some, an elevator is just another component of their building. For others, it’s an important part of their business operations. Each building owner has different needs – and wants – and it’s often difficult to plan and budget for both. An elevator service and installation company should marry your needs and wants effectively in order to install an elevator that suits your needs.

1. What Do You Need it to Do?

In some cases, it’s easy to see what an elevator will be required to do. For instance, in a hospital, elevators need to be operational 24 hours a day, be large enough for any equipment that may need transport, and hold multiple passengers. In an office building, an elevator may be used just 14 hours a day and only need to hold a few passengers at a time.

The more detail you can provide to your elevator design and manufacturing company, the better equipped they will be to meet your needs. Expert technicians and manufacturers hold a wealth of knowledge, but require the elevator owner to offer insights into the building itself. Details such as the height of the building as well as the temperature and climate of the area play into the design and selection of the elevator, but so do the intended use, estimated frequency, and aesthetics of the unit. Understanding the customer’s unique needs will help the manufacturer design the right elevator for its intended use.

Do you need it to be a Work hors or a Prize pony? If you need a reliable no bells and whistles pice of equipment then communicate this as the top need, if ascetics are your number one need share this. Communicate your top needs.

2. What Do You Want it to Do?

There are, as with most big purchases, things you don’t need in your elevator but would like to have. Details such as floor annunciation, 3D door-open sensors, coloured lighting, and a custom interior can add to an elevator’s aesthetics and functionality, even though they aren’t necessities. These elevator considerations, when presented to an elevator installation company, can be incorporated into the elevator’s design to create a tailored elevator for your building.

Distinguish your wants wants from your needs. Your wants are negotiable, considering funding and stakeholder interests. Your needs, on the other hand, are non-negotiable and are the true priority. Understanding this simple concept will make the selection process clearer.

3. What Details Can Experts Help Provide?

We can’t all be elevator technicians or manufacturers. Even if you have done the research, you might not be able to tell whether a hydraulic or traction elevator, a rack and pinion or cable unit is needed. The elevator manufacturer and elevator professionals are the experts, and so taking into account the building’s specifics, your requests, requirements, and budget, they make informed recommendations, and design and install an elevator unit that is safe, functional, and operates smoothly.

The more the company knows about your unique requirements, the more tailored service their technicians can provide. No matter what is on the needs list or the wants list, elevator professionals should be providing a solution for the customer, not simply trying to sell a product.

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