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Does Your Elevator Service Company Offer These 5 Things?

Picture this: Your elevator has broken down, and your elevator service provider is a no-show. People are forced to take the stairs, and you can’t get in touch with a technician. You have no timeline as to when your elevator might be repaired – will it be this afternoon? Or next week?

Don’t let this happen to you. Before choosing an elevator service provider, make sure they’re reliable – a team of experts you can depend on, even in high-pressure situations. Here are five key things to look for when searching for an elevator service company, To ensure that you — choose one that will offer you the best experience during each and every interaction:

1. Quality of Service

This may seem like a no-brainer, but without a clear picture of what quality looks like with regards to elevator service, it can be difficult to know what qualities to look for when hiring.

Ask questions, call references, and assess the quality of the provider’s:

  • Professionalism: You should expect the highest level of professionalism from your elevator service company. This means every interaction, whether written, by phone, or in person, should leave you feeling as though you’ve received top-notch service.
  • Documentation: A clear indicator of quality is the level and standard of communication with the company. Your elevator service provider should properly document each client interaction and include specific details about your elevator unit. This is the best way to ensure that the next time you call, they have a solid understanding of your specific needs.
  • Competency: Elevator technicians should not only expertly care for and maintain your elevator, but should also be able to give competent advice and act as a resource for customer inquiries, recommendations, and part sourcing. If it seems like your provider is avoiding contact with you, this is a good indicator that perhaps the level of quality you require and expect is not there.

2. Forthright Communication

Elevators are complex and technical machines, and while you’re hiring an expert for a reason, it’s still important to have as much knowledge as you can about what’s operating in your building. A reliable elevator service company will keep you in the loop and give you as much information as they can, so that you have an understanding of the bigger picture.

Assess the provider’s:

  • Timeliness: Occasionally, elevator service calls are emergency situations, you should feel assured that your service company is going to respond in a reasonable amount of time. If you feel alienated or abandoned, you’re unlikely to feel confident about your next interactions with the elevator service company.
  • Thoroughness: Detailed and complete communication is the best way to ensure unity between you and the service provider. Whether responding to a service call or performing scheduled maintenance, your elevator service provider should discuss their findings with you so you have a complete understanding of your elevator and its service needs, and can make informed decisions. You should feel as though your elevator service company is working with you to keep your elevator functioning properly and pre-empting malfunctions.

3. Efficiency

Efficiency can be difficult to gauge. Your service provider should be able to outline their systems and processes, and overview how that creates efficiency in their work. If a company is paper based and has not embraced technology there is a level of potential efficiency loss. Don’t be scared to ask the hard questions when it comes to your potential provider.

Assess the provider’s:

  • Prioritization: It can be incredibly frustrating as a customer to feel as though your inquiry or issue is not a priority to your elevator service company. Most customers understand that service providers must attend to other issues and clients; however, you should never be made to feel as though your issue has been put on the back burner. Look for a service provider who demonstrates a reasonable sense of urgency in responding to your questions or scheduling your service. Asks for testimonials and references.
  • Proactive and Preventative Measures: A great elevator service company will tend to your questions, concerns, or callouts as quickly as they can, but true efficiency goes further than even that. Your elevator service provider can discuss preventative maintenance schedules, which often help reduce the number of stoppages and service interruptions. Additionally, scheduled maintenance can be done working around traffic flow, or during off-peak hours. In emergency situations, elevator technicians should clearly communicate when they will arrive, and, after assessing the issue, give an estimate of how long a repair should take, and how much it will cost.

4. Commitment to Safety

Again, you’re hiring an expert for a reason: they handle the elevator service – including the safety precautions – entirely. Nevertheless, a great elevator service company will take the time to overview their safety measures (and any concerns) with you, so that you have 100% clarity on their plans to keep you, your building occupants, and their workers, safe.

Assess the provider’s:

  • Safety Protocols. When it comes to elevators, which are mechanical, electrical, and contain many moving parts that pose risk of injury, there is no room for cutting corners. You should never be concerned with whether or not your elevator service company is following safety protocol; however, if you are not familiar with safety regulations, the elevator service company should help you understand obligatory documentation and standards.

5. Trustworthiness

Some people take elevators for granted – but they are a vital part of the building. You want to work with an elevator partner whom you feel you can trust – one who always has your best interests at heart.

Assess the provider’s:

  • Transparency. You should always feel that communication with your service provider is open, honest, and realistic with regards to your elevators, needs, and any relevant constraints and opportunities.

A working knowledge of your elevator helps you to make informed decisions about its maintenance and use, and can also aid in relaying information to elevator riders and building occupants. Your elevator service technician should make every effort to explain the specifics of your elevator, and welcome any questions or concerns you may have. You should never feel like your technicians are hiding something, or withholding information.

While there is no magic formula for selecting the perfect elevator service company for your needs, considering these five criteria can certainly help you assess the service you will receive. With something as important as your elevator’s maintenance, longevity, and safety, it is well worth the time and effort to find an elevator service company that works with you and for you.

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