Every client, building, and every elevator is unique. That’s why we know one-size-fits-all plans can never rival customized solutions that are tailored to individual clients and their elevators.

As an Abco client, you’ll take part in what we call a “customer needs analysis”: a detailed assessment of the parameters, challenges, and goals your project has. Our one-of-a-kind approach centers collaboration between your team and ours, prioritizing open communication and fostering trust.

After the analysis, our experienced technicians will provide guidance and create a strategic plan based on these findings.

At Abco, we also perform maintenance audits for those looking to assess the value of their current service provider. During an audit, our skilled technicians will:

  • Review the current condition of the elevator and provide a strategic solutions plan.
  • Communicate the contract that is currently in place with your service provider and the value vs. cost.
  • Review and assess the current elevator documentation, determining whether log books are being properly maintained and if electrical prints are properly maintained and stored.
  • Provide document education, helping you understand how to interpret your elevator log book.

Common services that are requested as part of our consulting service are:

  • Modernization design and specifications
  • Maintenance audits
  • Project management for elevator installation and or modernization
  • AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) compliance inspections
  • Maintenance contract negotiations
  • Condition assessment reports
  • Needs analysis
  • Invoice costing review and feedback
  • New construction design and specifications
  • Elevator cab interior design specifications

Outstanding results begin and end with deep understanding. With a clear knowledge of your goals, our experts can find the optimal solutions for your project.

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